January 16, 2023

The Best Views in Sequoia National Park

National Parks

Welcome to the Sequoias

Just a few hours north east of Los Angeles lies the incredible, Sequoia National Park. This natural wonderland is home to some of the largest trees in the world and just so happens to neighbor another incredible park, Kings Canyon National Park. Last fall we were able to take the nice drive up to see these two incredible parks in a weekend trip.

First, we want to share some of our favorite views in Sequoia National Park.

The Giant Sequoia Trees

Magnificent is the only word we can use to describe these trees.

The famous General Sherman tree ... definitely worth the visit. It's a short, steep walk from the parking lot, usually full of tourists, but peaceful nonetheless. There was a long line of tourists getting this shot, but we slipped in right in between two groups to get this unobstructed photo of this historic tree. It really does take your breath away.

The cool thing is, there are walking paths all around the General Sherman tree and the other massive trees in this "Giant Forest". You can spend all day wandering here!

Tunnel Log

One of the most well known images in the park is Tunnel Log, an infamous tree that had fallen over a road and was so large that it was cut through rather than removed. When we were there, the road to drive through was closed down (maybe this is permanent), but the bus took us straight there no problem. We enjoyed the bus that took us on the loop through Moro rock, Tunnel Log, and Crescent meadow!

Crescent Meadow

This spot was lesser known on our radar, but when we saw it as a stop on the bus route we decided to check it out. It was one of the most peaceful places we saw all day. There were a few trails that started here, some that went for miles and miles, and a few that went briefly around the grassy area. We walked down the path just a bit, and took in the amazing calm and beauty of the place.

Moro Rock

Many people suggested to us that we had to go up Moro rock! But, this is not for the faint of heart. The good news is, the bus ride from parking to the rock is easy (5 minutes maybe?) and the hike up only takes 20 minutes or so. But the BAD news is...it's STEEP! And not only that, but the railing isn't that high so if you look down a bit too swiftly, you might get dizzy. Even though it is a bit scary (and probably not for kids)...we have to say the views are totally worth it!

We had a cozy lunch view at the lodge in the park. There are not many places to get food in the park itself, but we asked the rangers and they guided us with a lot of kindness and wisdom.

Thank you Sequoia.

We spent the better half of the day in the park, roaming all these amazing locations. They were all pretty easy to get to, albeit a little mileage was needed. But the drive, as you can see above, was a journey in itself! We were so thankful to avoid most of the rainy weather, and got out before the downpour. It was an amazing day in the park....

To Kings Canyon next!!!