April 14, 2021



Last month, we were fortunate enough to snag some tickets to the special event happening at Disney California Adventure Park called, "A Touch of Disney"! Here are a few photos from our experience!

This was more of a food event than anything, since no rides were open. The good thing was, with the $75/person ticket we got free parking and a $25 food voucher/person which was really nice! Once we went through security and walked in the park (no tram!) we quickly placed our orders for a few snacks. Not going to lie, the ordering process for the food was a bit difficult and the wait times were long - but we made the most of it and were just glad to be back experiencing some Disney magic!


Tacos (vegan on the left, pork on the right), the amazing FLUFFERNUTTER CHURRO, and sweet and spicy chicken wings! There was a wide assortment of food and drinks available and it was fun trying as many as we could. My favorite thing of the entire day was the fluffernutter churro which is basically a churro slathered in peanut butter sauce, marshmallow fluff and chocolate chips. WOW.

So empty!!

The best part of the whole experience was being in the park when it was at such a limited capacity. I don't think we'll ever experience Disney California Adventure or Disneyland this empty again in our lifetime!! We thoroughly enjoyed walking around taking epic photos of the park. Here are a few of our favorites...

We were thankful for the experience, and although we might not be buying regular Disney tickets anytime soon (pricey!), we sure do appreciate the time we were able to spend in the park through A Touch of Disney!

Hoping you all stay healthy, safe and well <3